Cat Person

Growing up we always had a plethora of animals. Where Harper had computers I had animals. I raised every type of consumer rodent, a ferret, two snakes and one iguana. Some of these went better than others. The iguana was hard. The ferret was awesome but got cancer. This led me to be a lover of all animals.

When I was eighteen I decided I wanted a dog of my own. I had gotten a cat of my own when I was sixteen and wanted to add a dog to my collection. Dogs and cats were a part of my family for as long as I can remember. The first dogs I remember were two shetland sheepdogs(I think) name Roxanne and Trinket. Aside from being really nice dogs they also had the best names for a pair of dogs ever. When I decide I want something I tend to research the shit out of it and decide what I want.

As such I researched all sorts of different types of dogs. Border collies, bearded collies, Jack Russell Terriers and Newfoundlands topped the list. But there were many dogs I would have loved to have had. But I was never in a place to get a dog. When Sarah and I moved in together I would have loved to have gotten a dog, but it wasn’t my house and so we got Thomas. Thomas was amazing. Greatest cat ever. He reminded me why I love cats.

He was goofy and graceful, playful and aloof, and above all he was a love. The thing with cats is that if they love you you have made it. You have earned the love of something that could really care less about you. Thomas loved me. And I loved him.

One of the things that Sarah always said was that the Inn was full. Meaning that we already had too many animals in the house and didn’t have room for more. Which is a valid point. Three animals plus two humans is more then enough. When Sarah and I moved our families started to talk about how we should get a dog. We had a yard and room for another animal. Sarah and I talked about it.

We felt it was unfair of us to bring another being into our house that would take our time away from our cats. Also it would be unfair to inflict our schedules on a dog. But we talked about it.

Then we lost Thomas.

Suddenly our world turned upside down. A huge part of our lives was gone forever. We knew we could never replace Thomas nor did we want to. Again we talked about getting a dog. I think Sarah would have happily bought me any dog I wanted just to end the pain I was in. I think that she was preparing herself to the reality that is a puppy, thinking that when the time came to get another animal, to fill the vacancy, we would get a dog.

There was an emptiness in our house. We had two wonderful cats, Reno and Beda, but the light seemed to have gone out of our house. We were sad all the time. I started working crazy hours to spend less time alone in the house. We talked about getting another animal. As I thought more about it I realized something.

I like dogs, but I love Cats.

When I mentioned this to Sarah I think she was a little surprised. I have talked about getting a dog for a long time. Probably the entire time we have been together. And yet when given the opportunity to get a dog, I chose to look at cats.

Every cat I have ever been around has been a domestic short hair, which is cat for mutt. They have all been wonderful. Sure Rascal and Ed were mean, Zeppelin was silly and Scooter was completely insane; but they were also the most interesting creatures I had ever been around. Add to the list Reno, Beda and Thomas and you have the most fun group of creatures ever. But I wanted something different. I wanted a purebred cat.

I am not sure why. Maybe it was because of all of the diffeerent types of purebred cat or maybe it is because I have never had one before. But I wanted one.

Before I got Scooter I had thought of getting a purebred cat. I was sixteen and had no money so I couldn’t but I had researched the crap out of cat breeds. Personally I was a fan of the Cornish Rex. Cornish Rexes have curly short hair, feel like velvet and love to play. They are basically little dogs. I also love all of the big cats: Maine Coons, Norwegian Mountain Cats, etc. Talking to Sarah she had one breed she loved: Exotic Shorthairs.

Looking at exotic shorthairs you can’t help but fall in love with them. They are a short hair persian. All the personality and squishy face, none of the long hair and genetic problems. They are super cute.

Having looked at them and research them I took to the internet to find a breeder. I was hopeful to find one in Colorado and as luck would have it I did. I was checking out the website and I noticed they had a kitten available. I sent it to Sarah and she was curious. I called the lady and asked about the kitten. She told me about her, about how she was going to be part of her breeding program but she got another kitty instead to bring in new blood. About how she is a love. I was sold.

Sarah and I talked more about it and decided to get her. Sarah had only one requirement: We needed to wait a week before getting her so we could get our house in order. I agreed and we sent off a deposit.

We went and picked her up last Thursday. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met. She cried once during the two-and-a-half hour ride home. That is all. Reno cries that much just to be let outside. She just chilled in her kennel with not a care in the world. Needless to say she has weaseled her way into our hearts.

Ramona "Mo" Jangles
Ramona “Mo” Jangles

I am Such a (Gl)asshole

Harper got a google glass. I am not sure why he choose the orange one or how much he thought he was going to use it but he got one. As with many things I have now inherited it. I was told I cannot sell it for drugs. With that stipulation I decided I might as well use it and see what the big deal is.

The google glass is the first step into augmented reality. I have played with AR in the 3DS. The game Bravely Default has an intro that can take place in the real world. Using its camera system and magic the fairy that starts the game appears where ever you happen to currently be… Like in your living room. This is executed pretty well and the addition of 3D makes it pretty cool.

When I first heard about the google glass I was excited for the idea of AR uses for it. I tried it out in beta when Harper had a glass 1 and though it was cool but clunky. The interface was weird. In truth it was more that I had no frame of reference for the interface. The screen is just floating out there. I was hoping that this floating screen would become part of the interaction of life. It hasn't yet.

What I have found is that the glass is a neat way to get notifications. Since I use iOS devices I am sure I am missing out on some neat android features, but so far it is the easiest way to get notifications without having to do too much. Using it in google chat is great as I am able to communicate with the office without typing or getting out my phone.

Where it really shines in navigation. It is like having a pushy navigator in my ear at all times. Of course I have to make sure that my phone is connected, has data and that the glass app is open. Which is a pain in the (gl)ass. I understand that Google and Apple are not always friends but I would really like the whole thing to work smoother.

I would love to use the calendar/agenda feature. But I cannot. I can only add a single google account, which is fair, but that account only shows the main calendar. This means that my many calendar divided life doesn't work on the glass. It also means that in order to have my appointments I have to sign out of my main account and then sign in to my work account… which hasn't really worked yet.

Nothing I can do

The school Sarah teaches at is in what they are calling a lockout. Not a labor lockout but a bunch-of-kids-threatening-to-shot-up-the-school lockout. I don’t know anything more then the news stories because the amount of communication with the staff has been minimal.

The scary stuff is that the attack is supposed to come on Thursday. That is what is known. They have arrested 5 total children and release two of those on bonds. Which is great.

What terrifies me, aside from the possibility of Sarah getting shot, is that these kids are 14,15 and 16 years old. That young and contemplating killing a lot of their classmates.

Also the continuity of the plan scares me. They arrested three students for suspicion of the attack and then arrested the next two for suspicion on taking over where their friends left off. What?

Who thinks “My friends got arrested because they were going to shoot up the school, I think I will try the same plan.” Really? I guess if you are a freshmen in high school that logic makes sense.

As a teacher spouse I have always had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something like this could happen. But never in my wildest terrified dreams did I imagine it would be this real.

There is a good chance that nothing will happen on Thursday. But there is also a chance that something will. The talk on the news is that it is a “gang” of kids. A GANG OF KIDS!!! Not two kids who are misunderstood or picked on. They have arrested or apprehended 5 kids. WHAT!!!

So instead of spending my days getting excited for Sarah’s summer vacation and getting to see her all the time instead I get to spend my time worrying that she is going to get shot.

The school has already said that kids do not have to do finals if they don’t feel safe at school. But teachers still have to be there. There is no option for them if they don’t feel safe. Why would you continue to have school when kids no longer have to do their finals to get grades.

I know that I don’t have all the facts and most of what I have heard, aside from what is available online, is based on rumors that Sarah has heard. But… those rumors are terrifying. Even if only a tenth of what she has heard comes to pass people are going to die.

If everyone could please keep Sarah and her school in your thoughts I would really appreciate it. Luckily Sarah only has school through Friday so the worrying should be over by then.

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