Tweets This Week: 2011-02-20

How It Works

Or, Why I Like Drawing Animals

As a kid I had a lot of different types of animals. I started out small with hamsters, gerbils and the like. My rodents got as big as rabbits and guinea pigs. I also had two different snakes, a ferret and of course my family always had dogs and cats. I like drawing animals because as I draw them I think of the animals I know and I imagine them being the creature I am drawing. So when I draw a rodent I automatically think of Midnight and Twilight my longest lived gerbils. When I draw a ferret I think of Ishmael my albino ferret. When I draw cats I think of all the cats I have known and figure out which cat best fits the drawing. You get the idea.

The problem is that in raising a lot of small animals I encountered a lot of small animal deaths. Some from cats, some from random gerbil madness and some from old age. As I do these drawings I also think about how sad I was when the animals I knew died. This is one of those drawings.


It is a very loose interpretation of a dog that a few of you might have known. Chelsea. The worlds fattest beagle. Chelsea started life as a show dog, but after escaping and getting hit by a car, her career was cut short. She came to live with us and have a pretty nice life. She farted, snored and was a general neusance, but that is what dogs are for. My dad even had to build her a ramp up to the doggy door so she could get inside. Since she was fat she didn’t live as long as she might have.

Well have a nice morning everyone… sorry to be such a downer.

A Decision Has Been Made

Last night, well actually all day yesterday, was my 30th birthday. The day that I said I had to decide what book I was going to use in my drawing studies first. And BAM! a decision has been made. I will be using this book:It has step by step instructions, not on how to draw certain characters, but on how to draw your characters. I think this will help me create my own characters while getting a lot of practice drawing. I start tomorrow with the drawing, mostly because today is filled with work, and will be trying to post to Fancy Cadaver every day. Check it out.

I also have started updating Veggie Fight again. Though I have killed the story about the tomato that wants to be a boxer, I will be updating it more frequently. I am planning on using it as a place to experiment with comics and to use my new found drawing abilities to actually create something.

You might be wondering how you can keep track of all of this stuff seeing as how it is spread all over the internet. I would suggest either subscribe to each site, which you can do at each site, or you can just follow me on twitter where I will be posting every time I post something at any of the sites.

Everyone have a nice Tuesday and look forward to Dylan’s Great Drawing Experiment (or DGDE) to start tomorrow. And thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it was nice to hear from everyone.