Tweets This Week: 2011-02-27

  • OMG I Drew a Picture: Robot for Moshe #
  • Well I took a weekend off from the internet and nothing died. Nice. More drawings starting tomorrow. Also a blog post and maybe a comic #
  • read this and apply it to your life. #
  • this is awesome #
  • My beard is gone #
  • I just realized that I go to work in one hour instead of three hours. No drawing this morning :( I will finish @hiromiusagi bunny later #
  • It was a long day at the Office(max) today. That is all. Now to exercise… maybe #
  • My Mother-in-laws cat turned orange over the past couple days. He was put to sleep this morning. He was 14 years old. :( #
  • Off to do dishes… and then to make bacon wrapped pork medallions. Yummy!! #
  • The new bag Harper got me. It would hold more then these to pots full of food #
  • Sore throat plus runny nose plus not at home equals headache. Lame sauce. #
  • I just climbed 707 meters in Ninjatown #TreesOfDoom To reach great heights, one must first fall down! #
  • I just climbed 944 meters in Ninjatown #TreesOfDoom Every meter climbed is a victory earned! #
  • Dylan need protein or he will die!!!! #
  • Purchase Clown Marketing For Beginners with 15% off with coupon code SAVE305 #

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