This Weeks Plan

After spending a long weekend relaxing with my wife and resetting my body I came up with some ideas that I am going to pursue over the next couple weeks. Because of this there may be a little less blogging, a little less finished drawing and a lot more work. Here is the order in which I hope to complete things:

  1. Script first five pages of “secret comic” (Tuesday Morning)
  2. Finish up character design for “secret comic” (Wednesday/Thursday)
  3. Pencil first five pages of “secret comic” (Friday/Saturday)
  4. Ink first five pages of “secret comic” (Sunday)
  5. Write next five pages of script of “secret comic” (Following Monday)
  6. Digitally color first five pages of “secret comic” (Following Tuesday)

I will post sketches etc. as I get them done and maybe even a preview of a cover image mid week. I still plan on drawing daily but they won’t be finished drawings but sketches to help me fully develop this idea. Wish me luck.

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