How It Works

Or, Why I Like Drawing Animals

As a kid I had a lot of different types of animals. I started out small with hamsters, gerbils and the like. My rodents got as big as rabbits and guinea pigs. I also had two different snakes, a ferret and of course my family always had dogs and cats. I like drawing animals because as I draw them I think of the animals I know and I imagine them being the creature I am drawing. So when I draw a rodent I automatically think of Midnight and Twilight my longest lived gerbils. When I draw a ferret I think of Ishmael my albino ferret. When I draw cats I think of all the cats I have known and figure out which cat best fits the drawing. You get the idea.

The problem is that in raising a lot of small animals I encountered a lot of small animal deaths. Some from cats, some from random gerbil madness and some from old age. As I do these drawings I also think about how sad I was when the animals I knew died. This is one of those drawings.


It is a very loose interpretation of a dog that a few of you might have known. Chelsea. The worlds fattest beagle. Chelsea started life as a show dog, but after escaping and getting hit by a car, her career was cut short. She came to live with us and have a pretty nice life. She farted, snored and was a general neusance, but that is what dogs are for. My dad even had to build her a ramp up to the doggy door so she could get inside. Since she was fat she didn’t live as long as she might have.

Well have a nice morning everyone… sorry to be such a downer.

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