The Ugliest Robot

He would still smash your face in

Yesterday, while trying to decide which direction to head while drawing, I attempted to draw a robot. Not just any robot but a Mech, like voltron but cooler. Well probably not cooler. Since I was to lazy to get a ruler it didn’t turn out as awesome. Or possibly it turned out really awesome because of the non-liner-ness of the mech he is much harder for the other mechs to hit… yeah… I’ll go with that.

I will say that one problem I had while drawing this is that I colored it way to fast. I also should have traced my final drawing onto a clean sheet of paper and then inked it. Alas I don’t have a light table so that last option is a little more difficult.

I think that I may save the Mecha Mania book for a later month and stick with the retro/cute stuff for now. I have one more random book I checked out to try a drawing from and I am sorry to say that it is Manga related. I have never read a lick of manga and so I cannot judge it, but I can judge the creepy high school kids I always see in the Manga section of the library while I am looking at graphic novels. Lets talk about showers guys, come on.

I will possibly do a manga drawing today to post or maybe tomorrow depending how much I get done before work today.

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