I Tried It

As promised I attempted the Manga drawing. It wasn’t so bad.

I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. In fact I am pleasently surpised since my first attempt at a western comic character was pretty pathetic. Then I thought about it and I figured out why. I read western style comics, I don’t read manga. Because of this I have an “idea” of what superheros should look like. This leads me to second guess myself everytime I draw one. With manga the oppisite is true. I have never read manga and the anime that I have watched hasn’t had the same impact that comics have. Since I have no frame of reference then I have no room to second guess. It is pretty awesome. The coloring on this is ok… I am not 100% happy with my work with markers, probably should have done it digitally so that I didn’t suffer from a lack of colors that I have in markers, which you can help with ;).  I am not upset with the coloring job, I think it looks nice though I think she looks a little vacant. What I really liked about this drawing was the final pencil work, which I have because I forced myself to trace the inks instead of going over the pencil. I did this partially because I wanted it to look nicer and partially because this was a complex drawing and I was afraid I was going to screw up. Here is the pencil:

I just found out that the Chibi book is in at the library, which I will pick up tomorrow and play with. Then I guess I have to choose a book to do. The choices are:

If you have an opinion of which I should pursue first let me know. Soon. I have to decide before I am thirty.Which is Monday.

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