When Life Gets You Down

As you may have read I am taking a leave of absence from school and finding a job or jobs that will let Sarah and I be awesome this year and allow me to go back to school with no more debt. While I am super happy about being able to go back to school with no more debt it is a hard thing to stop school when I am doing so well. Part of what is making that so difficult is the fact that jobs are a bear to find right now.

I enjoy being awesome. And when I keep getting turned down for jobs or not getting called for interviews or not getting called back when I leave messages I get a little down. I become a sad little badger that just wants ice cream and naps. I have only been activly looking for work for a couple weeks and I am noticing a trend. I have to much expereince and not enough degrees. But rather then let this get me down, which it did a little this morning, I have decided that IT IS ON!!!!

I am going to make money doing whatever I can (preferably legal) and to hell with all the people who wouldn’t call me back (unless you are reading this before calling me back, then I love you).  I am lucky enough to have the support of a wonderful Sarah, a pretty awesome family and three cats that haven’t killed me in my sleep yet. I am a lucky bastard and I wouldn’t change anything about my life.

Wish me luck, project: MAKE DYLAN LOTS OF MONEY kicks off this week.

This is me kicking butt!

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