Table of contents for Cat HOuse

  1. Going to the Cat House
  2. Collecting Supplies

Tonight when I get off work I will start the basic putting together of the frame of the Catitat. It is basically going to be 1″x2″s nailed\glued into four 4’x6′ squares.

I will then attach three of the sides and make the third attach with three hook and eyes. This will allow us to remove a whole side for rescue\cleaning operations.

After the frame is built we will go get the wire netting needed to cover this bad boy. What we are looking at getting is a .5″ square mesh that will allow for a good view for the cats and a feeling of scurity for Sarah and I.

I am also going to get a bunch of the bricks to put down as a raised floor. This will allow for the water from the rain gutter to flow by without getting the cats area wet while also allowing for a solid foundation for the house.

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