Cheap Cheap went the card bird

Lately I have been trying to relaunch API entertainment as a highly visible entertainment company. First order of business is a website and a new logo. Check and check. Then I started looking for a place to get business cards. After many a fruitless search both online and in the real world I had yet to find a solution.

About that time I had had to design a brochure for one of the properties that we manage. It was a full color job with all sorts of fanciness. I designed the whole thing in Photoshop and then called up a copy shop that we used to manage properties for. I got a quote on prices for color copies and was shocked by the affordability per page. For 8.5″ x 11″ color copies on card stock it is .80 per page.

I then started fooling with designing a card in Photoshop. I started by making a 2″x2″ mini card to hand out while making balloons. Just a throw away to give to kids that isn’t very big and is very bright. I could fit 20 on a page and so I made 10 copies at a cost of just under $10. Something like that, since it is an odd size, would have cost two to three times that online. After cutting those out I was ready to tackle making a larger more professional looking card.

I came up with about 12 designs which where narrowed to two which I then printed on 11″ x 17″ paper allowing me to fit 24 regular sized business cards per page. Printing 5 pages cost me just over $5 for 120 cards. This is 250 cards for around $10, they are full bright color and they are not constrained by the annoying interface that was vistaprint.

I have now cut them out and will start using them ASAP.

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