What been happening with you?

So harper went and got himself all married up. He married Hiromi who I guess might now bee Hiromi Reed but I really hope that harper took her last name Nakazawa. They went to Japan and got married. My dad went and had a really good time. It is quite funny to see the Pictures of Harper, Hiromi and Hiromi’s parents. It is only funny because harper leans in to make himself shorter. It rocks. This weekend is Sarah and I’s two year annevarsary or however you spell that word. I got sarah a sweet present. I would tell you but for some reason she reads my site. I will tell more later on the present.

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Dylanreed.org is about... Dylan Reed! Dylan is a clown in Northern Colorado who is really awesome. He is married to Sarah. He is brothers with Harper who is married to Hiromi. You can buy his purses here. Dylan really dosen't hate killer whales

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