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Hello. I am the biggest slacker on the internet it has been since the indy 500 since i have up dated my site. here is a quick recap of what has been going on.
uniculing is insane i have been doing quite a bit of it and am trying to learn how to do it one footed. idleing has gotten easier and easier and soon i should be able to juggle. i haven’t tried to learn any new mounts yet but maybe later.
i am going back to school again. i am having lots of fun and am doing a pretty good job. my hardest class is golf…ok not golf but that is a fun class. i am also taking english comp which is fun but also kindof lame (hope my teacher dosn’t look) and an online sociology class. i wish i could do all my classes online. that would rule. it is so much easier because all i do is read the book. read the lectures answer questions and discuss online.
i have now read almost all kurt vonnegut books. my favorites are mother night and sirens of titan. i have also recently read a man in a high castle by philip k dick. i have to reread it in order to understand it. about three days after the 5th harry potter book came out i was done with it. i would have been done sooner but i was taking a scuba diving class. so thats that
i am about two class away from being a scuba instructor. so that is good. it should be fun when i finally make it to instructor.
everyone should go visit harpers website(——————->)
and check out the bulllet time ping pong it is awesome
i am thinking about maybe training for a triatelon. i think it would be fun and it would also get me in really good shape. plus i would get to wear a speedo and bike shorts which would be sassy.
sarah is good as are the kitties. we got a new one and no we do not fish with them(visit harpers site again to find out about that). frida is her name and she is black as night and has the biggest green eyes
i find that sociology is really inrteresting because it lets you step outside yourself and see just how stupid culture has made you. i find it interesting to see how people, myself included, arre etnocentric towards other groups because what they do is “weird”. for example, people view some abiriginal tribe in africa as weird becaue they do not wear a lot a clothes and have no words for hate, boy they sure are weird. i am glad that we feel obliged to wear clothes and can hate anything we want. boy i hate stupid people. see that felt good. if i couldn’t express my hate for things how could a ever hit someone. boy that would suck. (please note sarcasm.)
I am writing this in Vermont. colchester i believe. write next to lake champlign (spelled wrong of course). it is funny because we were told that it was 100 degrees with 100 % humidity. its not its like 65 degrees and 200% humidity (raining) so that is awesome. possibly on sun day i will get to go on a boat. oh yeah. i am outhere because on of Sarah’s aunts is getting married. so woohoo for her.
I got a new lawn mower about 2 weeks ago. i shall name it beast and put a picture of it up. it mows what used to take about an hour in about 20 mins it si awesome. it is the beast

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Dylan is about... Dylan Reed! Dylan is a clown in Northern Colorado who is really awesome. He is married to Sarah. He is brothers with Harper who is married to Hiromi. You can buy his purses here. Dylan really dosen't hate killer whales

2 thoughts on “Sorry My BAd”

  1. I think it is very nice that Dylan devotes an entire paragraph praising his lawnmower, when I get three words: Sarah is good. Does this strike anybody else as a little, well, I don’t know…messed up?

  2. hey sarah at least you got three words. i didn’t even get the standardized five words “jon is a dirty hippie” though i must say that i enjoyed the paragraph about his lawn mower. i wish i had a lawn mower….wait what am i saying….have i lost my mind actually i hate lawn mowers and mowing lawns…though i always wanted on of those mowers you stand up on and operate with the two shifters. you know the ones that are like huver crafts that mow the lawn. they turn on a dime and i’m sure the are quite fast. though there is something to be said for a riding mower it is nice to sit while you mow but they are no huvor craft mowers, i bet a huvor mower could get the job done in 15 mins love ya all peace i’m off to go hug trees smell flowers and other hippie type activities

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